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Social Share Block

Introducing a new Social Share block for Gutenberg! Control what Networks are shown, and how they look. Start sharing today!



Our goal was to create a clean, and accessible social share block; with all the options to change what networks are available, what size everything should be, or whether to show the share counts or not. Let us know if there is something you would like added! Start using it today, Download below.

We tried to include all the popular social sharing networks in our new block. Simply check the platforms you want to allow sharing on!


True SVG Icon that will load fast and scale regardless of device. You also have the ability to hide the icons if you wanted to.


We are also giving you the ability to change the sizes. Choose from a set of common resolutions: 32px, 64px, & 96px.

Share Counts

Have the ability to show share counts on the networks that support it.

Super Clean Markup

We wanted to keep the plugin as barebones as possible. Allowing Themers to turn off everything, and apply your own styles.



  • What your WordPress Repo Link?

    You can view Social Share Blocks by BlocksWP on the plugin repo here:
  • Premium Features?

    Coming soon, maybe. Our goal is to make some really useful free plugins to help the WordPress Community learn how to use the new Gutenberg publishing system.
  • Support?

    We support all our free plugins via the WordPress Support forum here:
  • Licensing?

    All of our plugins and themes are licensed under GPL version 2. https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.en.html
  • Social Network not on our List?

    Is one of your favorite social networks not on out list? Let us know and we will do our best to add it in if their APIs allow it.
  • BlocksWP? Are you new?

    The brand is new, but the teams behind the brand has been around the WordPress community for a long time. The teams over at Caldera Labs & Easily Amused are teaming up to work on some fantastic blocks for the everyone to enjoy.


We have lots of great things happening over the next couple months. You should sign up for our newsletter to stay up to day with all our new blocks.


Download our social Share Block plugin instantly from the WordPress’ Plugin repo or fork it on Github.